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Auction planned for Memorial Day 2020 has beenpostponed due to Covid-19

A Note from a WWII Veteran's Widow ...

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 December 7, 2019



As a widow of a Pearl Harbor survivor, I'm hoping you can help our cause which is educating children about WWII and other hero and human rights stories. Children 18 and younger are learning history from subjects and writing books about their life experience through a program called A BOOK by ME. 


Two teenage girls interviewed my husband Al who was a medic at Pearl Harbor. Young Kenzie Reimers said "Veteran Al Taylor was an amazing man to work with and I got to learn even more about WWII."


On behalf of A BOOK by ME, I write today because I know this program works. It was hard for my husband to talk about his war time experiences but finally he was able to meet with the girls, tell his stories and show his photographs. After their interview, the girls took what they learned from him and wrote and illustrated The One in Charge. Al and I helped the girls with edits as do all the subjects. My husband was very proud of their accomplishments before he passed away.


Al's book and all books in this series are special. They are written and illustrated by kids for kids and are powerful testimonies of human experience. More people need to know this program exists and book sets are available to school children. Our fundraising efforts are to put book sets in schools across the country. We are planning a Celebrity Auction on Memorial Day, May 31, 2021. 


Would you consider donating an item to this cause? In addition to items from celebrities, we are hoping to have both sports and war memorability donated. 


Perhaps you would prefer to make a donation to this cause. Either way, with your help, we can make a difference. We can put book sets with stories like Al's into classrooms in all 50 states. Our goal is to teach children history, tolerance and empathy. Also, to inspire new young authors and artists to create books about their local WWII generation before the window of opportunity closes. Here's how it works:

  • A gift of $130 ships 10 different book titles, $250 ships 20 different book titles to the school of your choice (we can provide books to schools countywide or statewide). Book Sets

  • If you have no preference, we have names of schools from Social Studies specialists across the country.

  • Your tax deductible gift will be made to Understanding Works NFP; a 501c3. 

  • An item can be shipped to us to be sold at auction. Mail items to Allan Ross - 2715 30th Street - Rock Island, IL 61201. 

  • Deadline to receive items is May 1, 2021. (sooner would be appreciated)

  • Online auction will be held Memorial Day, May 31, 2021.


There are three different series for students to choose from through A BOOK by ME: Holocaust, Heroes and Human Rights. To date, hundreds of students have been involved in the writing process. We hope that number grows into the thousands to reach more students and more subjects who have important stories to tell. 


Feel free to call me with any questions you might have. A sample book will be shipped to you upon request. 





Sharon L. Taylor


Story Coordinator


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