It's cost prohibitive for us to print unsold copies of each set so we must print on demand. When strategic partners come on board, it will drive the price down. Below is a discounted price from what we charge per book ($13.99) and it includes shipping costs as well.


Price per set is $130 for ten different titles or if you give the students more variety and donate two sets, additional discount is applied and cost is $250 for twenty different titles. This price includes tax and shipping.

Two Ways to Donate Book Sets: Mail in or Credit Card/Paypal

You can mail donations specifically for book sets (checks and money orders only) to:

Understanding Works NFP / Deb Bowen

2715 30th Street

Rock Island, IL 61201

You will be directed to a new page after your donation to fill in your information on which book sets, how many, where to send them, and more.

If you have any questions email

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"I'm passing along the lessons from the Greatest Generation and others who have lived through hardship to future generations. Our subject's humility, sense of responsibility, and work ethic are inspiring. Having a student interview someone with a powerful story to tell is the greatest gift I can give them and those who will one day read their book." Deb Bowen