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Grant Opportunities

Below are some very generous grant opportunities you can easily apply for to put book sets in your region's schools. No long grant application. Short and sweet.

Two of these require a community event so speaking in a classroom, an after school program, a public library or VFW would be  perfect. Just bring in a veteran to read one of the books and talk about the importance of learning from powerful stories like this. 

Order the books ahead of time and present them to the teacher and her classroom when you arrive.


Remember to thank your funder by inviting the press. If your part of a group (PTA, 4H, Girl or Boy Scouts, Key Club, etc.) organizing this, get your name out there too. 

Student Fundraising Ideas

Let the kids get in on the act of fundraising for book sets. Here's some fun ways to raise $$$:

  • Set up a lemonade stand, bake sale or yard sale; all proceeds go to book sets.

  • Host an ice cream social or pizza party with food donated by local businesses.

  • Set up a GoFundMe campaign.

  • Ask for donations instead of gifts for your birthday.

  • Host a talent show or game show; invite a veteran to speak or MC.

  • Host a walk-a-thon, fun run or charity sporting event.

Allstate Community Grants

Allstate Community Grants

Big thanks to Allstate Agent Stacy Foxall in Macomb, IL for volunteering during a history presentation to get funding for books. Our subject was Dorothy Anderson who served in the Women's Army Corps. (WAC) during WWII. Dorothy had Thanksgiving dinner with Eleanor Roosevelt and took dictation for General Eisenhower in Germany. Ask your local Agent to volunteer at a presentation. They can apply for the $1,000 Allstate Community Grant which would purchase eight book sets.

Wal Mart Community Grants

Wal Mart Community Grants

Two awesome WWII veterans in Galesburg, IL got their storybooks in schools and public libraries thanks to the Wal-Mart Community Grant. Visit your local Wal-Mart today and ask the manager if they would approve a grant to put book sets in schools. Average community grant is $1,000 which would purchase eight sets.

Thrivent Action Team

Thrivent Action Team

An action team provided a book set to the students in Geneseo, IL. Also, all students received a free tee shirt which they all loved! Many of them have written and illustrated books since these books were donated. Members of Thrivent Financial can volunteer in a classroom and send a book set anywhere. The volunteering could be reading one book aloud to students. Find community members who are Thrivent members and ask who would be willing to help you put books in schools.

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