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​Exchange impacts every exchange student differently. Our schools are not like their schools back home. The electives we take for granted here are not available to them. This girl from Latvia benefited greatly from show choir at her school in Iowa.

Her choir teacher saw her gifting was operatic and started giving her private lessons. This video was taken in Europe at a contest where she came in 2nd place. Her life changed because of the FLEX exchange program. One day Beate may be a star because of exchange.

Mohamed Fall from Senegal

"Serving your community is an essential part of life. It’s a value that every human being needs to have. Deb Bowen is one person who implemented those values in me and am sure she has implemented it into a lot of other young people like me. She inspired and still inspires me every day with each of her very impactful moves.


There's a book shortage in Africa. Deb and I talked about how reading was important and more for kids and how she would love to see kids from my home (Senegal) profit of books and be able to read as they wanted and be happy. So we started talking to teachers and others in the USA asking them to help us buy books in French. 


We succeeded and collected more than 20 books for kids. It was amazing for a start. When I got back home, using those books to make Deb’s vision a real thing was priority.


So I used the books and had a book club which goes on every Wednesday. The impact is huge and Deb was the initiator and cause of it all. Kids were so delighted and happy for this opportunity. Those kids are better intellectually today thanks to those books.


It all started with Deb’s vision and commitment to making of her vision a reality. That is the type of human being she is and that we need to make of our world a better place to live on."

Mohamed Fall


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"I'm passing along the lessons from the Greatest Generation and others who have lived through hardship to future generations. Our subject's humility, sense of responsibility, and work ethic are inspiring. Having a student interview someone with a powerful story to tell is the greatest gift I can give them and those who will one day read their book." Deb Bowen