Love Like Lorraine - Purses and Many Acts of Kindness

Suggestions to put in purses:

Deodorant, Hand Sanitizer, Kleenex, Tampons/Pads, Toothbrush/Toothpaste, Hand Lotion, Bar of soap/Body Wash, 

Shampoo/Conditioner, Lipstick or Chap stick, Fingernail Clippers, Nail File, Hair Brush, Hair Ties, Make Up, New or gently

used book, Candy, Mints, Chewing Gum, Mittens/Gloves, Scarf (can be tied on purse handles), etc.

Suggestions Where to Donate:

Homeless Shelters, Alternative Schools, Unplanned Pregnancy Centers, Food Pantries, Refugee Services, Safe Homes, etc.

Facebook Post on Mother's Day 2018


"I’m smiling because Lorraine inspired a woman named Amber Grizzo to fill and donate purses to a local food pantry at a Catholic Church. It was in celebration of International Day of the Woman so I imagine many of their clients are refugees. I got a thank you in the mail for starting the purse Project saying “they were thrilled to get them”. 💞

Thanks goes to Amber for her labor of love and the lives she touched. My mother, Lorraine, passed away just days after Mother’s Day in May of 1994. Because I watched her serve her family, her community and be loving and kind to those less fortunate, I learned by example. 

I donated thirty plus purses myself to teen moms this past week and prayed these recipients would each have a mentor in their lives to lead by example. Every child deserves a good mother but often that’s not the case."


Be like Amber and her group and fill some gently used purses with things you know women would love. Then find your mission opportunity. Women love to get these purses any time of year but Mother's Day will always be special to me. Many women don't get acknowledged on this day. You have the power to change that!


This world could use a lot more love, like Lorraine did.

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