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Bringing  WWII Stories to Life with Readers Theaters

Our Reader's Theater scripts are adapted from our A BOOK by ME series written by kids for kids. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII, people are performing these true stories for their community on Facebook Live. Contact your local nursing home or assisted living facility. Make sure they are watching since they will connect in many ways with these stories. Advertise your event in the local newspaper, radio or tv stations by sending this Press Release ahead of time.

Keep in mind that the WWII generation is well known for their sacrifices and bravery. The economic turmoil of the Great Depressions impacted them profoundly. They were driven to win the war and create economic opportunities that brought great prosperity to America. That's why they are known as the Greatest Generation. 

Let your group (classroom, youth group, college thespians, or adult group) be the first in your community to honor to this generation by celebrating a big anniversary. Being remembered is so very important to us all.


You may perform on Facebook Live or Zoom but a video taped performance is recommended. If your group has a Facebook page, make sure that page (i.e. Fellowship of Christian Athletes or Boy Scouts) shares it as a Facebook Watch Party. Also, please have each actor and their friends and family share Facebook Watch Party as well. Then many people in your area will see your work.

You may perform this skit with or without props, costumes or a set. But you can add props if you wish. This free activity provides practice in public speaking and an opportunity for group interaction and community discussion afterward on your group's Facebook page.

Please don't forget your local radio station. Keep in mind their generation only had radio to get their news and entertainment long ago. Many of them still choose this method on a daily basis. In rural areas, many farmers listen on radio for the Ag Report. Hearing Reader's Theaters and stories from their generation over the radio seems very appropriate.  

CHECKLIST: Things to do before your performance

1. Print (or screen shot) the front cover of the script to show your audience just before your performance starts taping.

2. Write your group's name, city and state (or country if you're outside the U.S.A.) on a piece of cardboard and share and at the very end. 

3. You may want to have each actor hold a sign that gives their name and a personal expression (dedicating their performance to a veteran they love, etc.). If the cameraman could get a shot of each person who performed at the end would be a nice touch. Much like taking a bow at the end of a live performance. 

4. Contact the local media in your city (press release above). Choose an outgoing person in your group that can talk enthusiastically on radio or television. Perhaps practice a "mock" interview with your group leader so the words spoken come out easily honoring the Greatest generation.

5. Call your local nursing homes and senior residential centers and ask leaders there to make sure their group is watching or listening. Send cards to veterans in these homes if possible.

6. The window of opportunity is closing to interview someone from the WWII generation in person. If you know someone in your community who might have a good story, ask them if they would be willing to have a student talk with them and write it down for future generations. Writer's Guidelines are found on this website under Learning Station.

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