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To be performed on International Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27, 2021 or Yom Hashoah April 9, 2021

Released on November 20, 2020

Marion Blumenthal Lazan: Over a million people worldwide have heard Marion, co-author of Four Perfect Pebbles, share her story of survival. Her story of hope was preserved in the A BOOK by ME format by young Jon Mattern, who is now an adult but fondly remembers his interview with Marion. He wrote Never Lose Hope and he and his sister Christine illustrated it together. 

Inge Auerbacher: The author of a book titled I Am A Star, Inge has spoken on a world stage as well. The Jerusalem Post accurately describes her this way: "In life, we are given an opportunity to encounter people that change the lives of others and who inspire a new generation through their life experience and story."  A very special bond was formed with Inge and her young author Danielle Lyle who wrote and illustrated the story of young Inge and her doll in her book titled We Are One

“Personal memoirs have no equal in their weight of truth and memory – yours have educated so many. May you continue to tell and retell your story for years and years.”
– Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate

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"I'm passing along the lessons from the Greatest Generation and others who have lived through hardship to future generations. Our subject's humility, sense of responsibility, and work ethic are inspiring. Having a student interview someone with a powerful story to tell is the greatest gift I can give them and those who will one day read their book." Deb Bowen