Interactive Posters 

These free resources are similar to academic posters but use web-links, animations, videos and more to enable the audience to engage further. A good way to strengthen students' knowledge and develop their awareness.

Veteran Ray Fairbank.png
WWII Veteran John Moon.png
Survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan.png
Survivor Inge Auerbacher.png
Survivor David Wolnerman.png
Miyoko Mikasa Nakamaru Japanese Internme
Lyle Johnson Civil Rights Activist.png
Booker T. Washington & Viola K. Ruffner.
WWII Veteran Dorothy Anderson.png
Survivor Fred Marcus.png
Survivor Curt Lowens.png
Al Cartmill National Negro League.png

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"I'm passing along the lessons from the Greatest Generation and others who have lived through hardship to future generations. Our subject's humility, sense of responsibility, and work ethic are inspiring. Having a student interview someone with a powerful story to tell is the greatest gift I can give them and those who will one day read their book." Deb Bowen