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Me, Learning New Technology ...

I was born in 1961, which means I'll be turning 60 next year. Creating the A BOOK by ME series has forced me to learn new kinds of technology but it doesn't come easy to me. Never in a million years could I imagine me speaking at a Technology Conference but that's what is about to happen. I'm presenting A BOOK by ME along with an educational leader from Iowa, Heather Whitman. It's a virtual conference on December 1.

An amazing thing I've learned while preparing for this ISTE conference, is the existence of virtual interactive posters or GLOGS ( This platform allows educators to use text, images, video, and audio to create a virtual canvas. Today I'm showing off some of our work with a poster on WWII Veteran Dorothy Anderson, a Rosie the Riveter who joined the Women's Army Corp and served in Germany after the war. She had Thanksgiving dinner with Eleanor Roosevelt and took dictation from General Eisenhower.

Check this out and be sure to click on the photos and watch them enlarge and listen to the cool You Tube videos we found. The teachers at the conference will receive this free resource along with free Readers Theaters based on some of our stories. So exciting!

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