• Deb Bowen

Some Things You Can't Forget

I saw old friends; sisters Paula and Diana yesterday. They were both at the first Love Like Lorraine event. They were the biggest donors since their big family collected purses and filled them up with items women need and want. They brought us dozens of filled bags.

I explained that I met a woman when I spoke at a church last fall who was in a homeless shelter and received one of those first purses. It was a new concept and exciting for the women in the shelters.

Rebecca told me something that astonished me. There were many items inside the purse she received; including a Coach billfold. She said "it made me feel so good to own a brand name anything!" Inside the billfold, much to her surprise, was a $50 gift card to a steak house. I have no idea who donated this bag, but they were very generous.

She automatically called her brother and invited him and his wife out to supper. They helped her many times so she was paying them back. They were surprised. A few days later, someone in the shelter stole her billfold and they never caught the person. She lost what she loved but what impressed me was she held no bitterness about the stolen item. In fact, she was still on cloud nine that she ever owned one.

Today, she has a job and is in her own apartment. She said Love Like Lorraine gave her some pride back and built her confidence. We helped her on her journey. This is why we do this very small thing (filling gently used purses with items women need) with great love.

Some things you can't forget and Rebecca's story is one of them. What a beautiful heart she has!

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