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A BOOK by ME (ABBM) is one of the most important projects I have ever been involved with. Students researching and writing/illustrating stories about Holocaust survivors, Righteous Gentiles and Heroes for other students have made a significant and positive impact in our local schools as well as our entire community. Any support you can provide to help further this important mission will be much appreciated.”

Allan G. Ross
Executive Director
Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities

My husband, Al, was a person who did not always show his emotions and he was a very proud man. I believe it is because he had been homeless and on his own since he was twelve years old. He was not used to sharing his feelings. I knew him and his family for over fifty years and until he had a stroke, I never knew he was a Pearl Harbor survivor. There are a lot of heroes that would rather forget about what they went through and witnessed, but unfortunately, they can't.

Although he would get emotional when he was interviewed by Gracie Ryckaert and Kenzie Reimers, I could see telling them his memory of that horrible day was important to him. After the final review of the book, Al held the final copy in his hands. He had this certain look and smile on his face that I could tell he was very pleased and proud. I am so grateful that he was able to see his finished book.

I just wish Al knew that his book would be in so many schools for future children to read. Then again, maybe he does.”

Sharon Taylor

Davenport, Iowa

Writing and illustrating this book has been an experience like no other. I wish that many young authors and illustrators would take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document a veteran’s story with A BOOK by ME. I know it will enrich their lives as much as it has mine.

Elise Blinn

Children of the American Revolution – NSSAR
Author - Jewish Jammer

"I have a higher respect for our veterans as they experience so much more than they let on. It has opened my eyes and I want to help more veterans tell their stories. Stand for those who stood for me.”

Jacob Shadinger

Children of the American Revolution – NSSAR

Author - To the Desert and Back

Doris is a fearless woman. She has survived the darkest times in world history, and she inspires me to become an independent person with a humble heart.

Amen Gabre, Ethiopia
Author - Run

All of us were thrilled that Dad's story would be preserved and told to others. He finally got the honor he was due. Now others outside the family can read about what an extraordinary man he was and learn about history too. Thank you for honoring him.”

Jeanne Gardner
Daughter of WWII Veteran Ralph Smith – The Art Protector

"As a member of Children of the American Revolution, I'm very interested in history, the American Revolution, and my ancestors. This project gave me an opportunity to research and learn about one of my great-grandfathers, Alexander McCurdy, and his role in the Revolutionary War. I'm very proud of his contribution to the freedoms we now have because of him and other soldiers. It also increased my research, organization and writing skills."

Asher Ciaccio

Children of the American Revolution – NSSAR

Author - Wounded at Yorktown

NOTE: Many students in NSSAR are now writing and illustrating books for this project. Deb Bowen, Creator of A BOOK by ME, is a proud member of National Society Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) and she hopes one day her grandchildren can do what Asher has done and write about their ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.


The DAR has a long and proud history of serving America’s veterans. Public Law 106–380 calls upon the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to collect and preserve audio/video oral histories, letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and home movies of America’s war veterans and those who served in support of them.

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"I'm passing along the lessons from the Greatest Generation and others who have lived through hardship to future generations. Our subject's humility, sense of responsibility, and work ethic are inspiring. Having a student interview someone with a powerful story to tell is the greatest gift I can give them and those who will one day read their book." Deb Bowen