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Thank you for reaching out to receive a free book that we believe has the power to help struggling students focus on their dreams. 


Veteran Ray Fairbank helped Chuck Yeager make history the day he broke the sound barrier. Ray served with many others on the ground crew.  


Today Ray believes we are experiencing a second great depression right now (he lived through the first Great Depression). Back in the 1920s, people may have been broke, but they were free to go to school and play with friends, visit grandparents, etc. Today, the battle is both financial and emotional. Everyone is depressed on some level due to the pandemic. Ray is especially worried about college Freshman.


He asked me to write to his alma mater, Montana State University, to see if they would accept a signed copy of his storybook about his life, written and illustrated by a teenager. Ray wants this book shared with a struggling Freshman who is considering quitting school. I immediately heard back from them they would gladly accept this book and share it. 


Unlike any other subject I've worked with, Ray wanted to write a note to his readers that is included in the published book. This note was written before the pandemic but it’s very appropriate for this season:


“At 93 years of age, I presently work with high school boys at our church. My desire is to help them understand that faith in God will carry them through the tough times in life. It will guide them to accomplish great things. The same is true with you.

Never let the negative things in your life hold you back from using your talents to accomplish your full potential. My 2nd grade teacher told me I was the dumbest kid she had ever seen. Her words caused me to work harder to prove her wrong. This world needs you! You are a unique individual with great potential. Whatever your dreams are, go for it!!!"  


It's my hope, that this man's heart to help during this time will touch a struggling student in your world.




Deb Bowen 

Creator, A BOOK by ME

Ray in middle with entire ground

Ray with entire ground crew

Ray in front of barracks.jpg

Ray in front of barracks


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