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2020 was the 75th Anniversary of the End of WWII

Due to the pandemic, little was done to celebrate this big anniversary. People of all ages can act out these short scripts and inspire their community. We will show those who are still alive we remember their sacrifices and are learning from their experiences


Reader's Theater is a great strategy for developing reading fluency. Actors do not need to memorize their parts but they should reread it several times, thus developing their fluency skills. 


Our scripts are based on books created by kids for kids to be used in classrooms. This free gift to help communities honor the World War II generation. Sign up to receive these scripts now and check back often as we will be adding more stories in the future. 

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17 Eva Apathy #1.jpg
Al Taylor #3.jpg
H#17 Marion Blumenthal Lazan.jpg
H78 Inge Auerbaucher.jpg
HR#14 Living with Lovejoy.jpg
H4 Jesse Crawford.jpg
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