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Writer's Guidelines

Dear Student,


There is nothing more powerful than a human story. That's why I created A BOOK by ME. I welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in joining hundreds of other kids 18 and younger in an adventure preserving history for future generations. Our current goals are to capture the last of the stories of the WWII generation, the Civil Rights era, Korean War and Vietnam Veterans. 


This project will enrich your life, the life of your subject and both families for generations to come. Whether you choose to write a Holocaust story, a Human Rights story, or a Hero's story, your job is to bring it to life for readers.  Many amazing stories are waiting to be told so good luck to you as you begin this remarkable labor of love. 


As Rosie the Riveter would say "WE CAN DO THIS!"


Deb Bowen


*Please view the 5 tutorial videos before you begin any of the steps. 

Step 1: Choose a subject, story coach, and register. 

Step 2: Interview your subject. Follow the directions in the Writer's Guidelines and Coach Guidelines.  

Step 3: Write your story about the subject. Edit and Revise.

Step 4: Illustrate the story. 

Step 5: Submit with the three links above: Author Submission Form, Coach Submission Form, and Photo Submission Form

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos

Tutorial Videos
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Step 1: Choosing a Subject and Coach

Step 1: Choosing a Subject and Coach

Play Video
Step 2: Interviewing Your Subject

Step 2: Interviewing Your Subject

Play Video
Step 3: Writing

Step 3: Writing

Play Video
Step 4: Illlustrating

Step 4: Illlustrating

Play Video

We think it's important to support teachers when using A BOOK by ME stories in the classroom. Each book is equipped with curriculum pages that include: 

 - vocabulary

 - pre-reading activity 

 - related literature and media

 - discussion questions

 - extended activities

 - anti-bullying strategies

 - comprehension questions

 - timeline of events

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**Note: All submissions will be reviewed and considered but Never Forget Publishing shall not be under any obligation to publish your submission. 

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