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Book Sets

Valiant Veterans

Valiant Veterans1.jpg
Valiant Veterans2.jpg

Printable PDF of each Book Set 

Holocaust Heroes

Holocaust Heroes1.jpg
Holocaust Heroes2.jpg

Power Girls

Power Girls1.jpg
Power Girls2.jpg

Angry About Anti-Semitism

Angry About Anti-Semitism1.jpg
Angry About Anti-Semitism2.jpg

Catholic Crusaders

Catholic Crusaders1.jpg
Catholic Crusaders2.jpg

Social Justice Superstars

Social Justice Superstars1.jpg
Social Justice Superstars2.jpg

Heart for Humanity

Heart for Humanity1.jpg
Heart for Humanity2.jpg

Race Against Racism

Race Against Racism1.jpg
Race Against Racism2.jpg

Victims to Victors

Victims to Victors1.jpg
Victims to Victors2.jpg
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