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There are many different sets available to send to your favorite teacher.


If you want to invest in a classroom but don't know where, we can choose a school for you. 

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Manta Project 

Terimya Manta was a YES scholarship student from Nigeria who came to Illinois in 2012. We learned while he was here he was an orphan. We also learned the dangers of a Christian living in Nigeria. 

This boy wants to come back to America and go to college. He would like to become an Electrical Engineer so he can help bring reliable electricity to his people. 

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All monies donated will go toward filling purses. Items purchased are: soap, toothbrush,toothpaste,shampoo, deodorant,

hand sanitizer and more. 

Special events or needs will be published in the Blog.

“When you walk in someone else’s shoes, when you hear their story, you gain a new perspective.

This is why understanding works!"

Deb Bowen 
Understanding Works

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