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MISSION: To assist students in being actively engaged in WORKS that improve their communities while developing an UNDERSTANDING of compassion and the benefits  

of performing acts of kindness.


Our volunteer work geared toward youth includes intergenerational storytelling, a purse project providing items to women in need and a helping hand to students in developing countries. 


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Students have a unique experience  interviewing living history from the WWII, Civil Rights or Korean War eras. Kids write and illustrate their story for future generations. 


Our series include Hero, Holocaust and Human Rights stories which impact young readers. Kids better understand social justice issues while gaining compassion and understanding. Goals are to inspire readers to take positive action in their community. See our book sets which highlight the amazing stories told thus far.


World Changers

You can help provide aid to students from developing countries. For a small amount of money, we can help change their world for the better with educational materials, clean water and more.

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Love Like Lorraine by raising money to support various projects like clean drinking water, distributing personal hygiene kits so girls can stay in school, and providing eyeglasses to those in need. We are teaching kids to become world changers!

Purses with Purpose

Give gently used purses a new purpose! You can host a purse event in community. Fill gently used purses for women or draw string bags for men in need with items they can use.  

Turquoise LLL Purse.jpg

Encourage students to "be the change" by filling a gently used purses for women in need. Draw string bags are filled for men. Bags are given as a goodwill gesture to bring hope. A great project for any group - young or old! Love Like Lorraine was nominated for a Jefferson Award in 2019.

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