Deb Bowen Exchange

Love Like Lorraine 

Send a set to your favorite school or library  anywhere in the USA. 

20 different books for $250. The unique books are written by children for children. 

You can help provide educational programming or other kinds of aid to students from developing countries. You can also host a student in your home.

Give used purses a new purpose! You can host a purse event in community. Fill gently used purses for women or draw string bags for men in need with items they can use.


Three different series: Heroes, Holocaust and Human Rights. Our books help kids understand social justice issues. The young readers gain compassion and understanding. The goal is to teach history while inspiring readers to better relate to people, gain empathy and take positive action in their community. Click here to see the amazing stories that have been told thus far.


Supporting exchange students from developing countries who come to USA on a scholarship for ten months. Back home, youth assisted in digging a well for a village in Africa, distributing personal hygiene kits so girls can stay in school, teaching about female genital mutilation (FGM) and providing eyeglasses to those in need. We become world changers!

Encourage students to "be the change" by filling a gently used purse with personal hygiene items for a woman in need. Draw string bags are filled for men. Recycled bags are given as a goodwill gesture to bring hope. A great project for any group - young or old! The book and purse movements were nominated for a Jefferson Award in 2019.

“When you walk in someone else’s shoes, when you hear their story, you gain a new perspective. 

This is why understanding works!”

Deb Bowen 
Understanding Works

Jewish Survivor Marion Blumenthal Lazan and

Deb Bowen talk about the A BOOK by ME vision

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